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Poseidon for DSLs 1.0 is released!

Dear Gentleware Customer,

we have launched a new exciting product and are now eager to share it with you. We have gathered all of our knowledge and lessons learned from 10 years in the industry and have created a new product platform to enrich your tool portfolio as professional software developer.

We have not just created a new generation of modeling tools, we have created a tool platform that allows you to create the modeling languages and modeling tools that fit your business needs.

Our new product Poseidon for DSLs enables you to create domain specific modeling languages (DSLs) within hours. Reveal the potential of model-driven software development and increase productivity and quality of your software development by using models that can well define the characteristics of your application domain.

Poseidon for DSLs is itself highly model-driven. From a set of simple models it allows to create tools similar to the popular Poseidon for UML, but for your modeling language. The same well thought out user interface and modeling mechanisms now are available to any graphical modeling notation by applying the mechanisms of MDSD to the technologies Gentleware has developed over the past 10 years.

Take a tour and follow this tutorial. You will be surprised by how quickly you can create your own modeling tools. This will speed up your MDSD project dramatically. Give it a try - the development tools are freely available.

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Best regards,

Prof. Dr. Marko Boger

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